August 2008 - 11 Months Old

Riding my lion

Pretty pose

Did you say something?

Pebble's hair

I am ready to eat!!

Want some of my banana?

Great! A new toy!

This is the best toy EVER!

Let me see.......


Big smile

Is this mine?

You can have it.

Those big blue eyes

My daddy dressed me this morning. Go Wolfpack!

Future Tiger Woods

Posing for Grandma

Mom and me at Grandma and Grandpa Steve's

Did you say something?

I can't find a thing to wear

I love my Mommie

Grandpa John said I was cute

My scrunchy face

Uncle Brady, Aunt Meredith and me

Peas and carrots


Strawberries and Blueberries


I will share if you like

I found a new place to play

See you later

You found me!!

Anderson's Baptism Day 8-23-08
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