Elliot Michael - Newborn

Just Arrived

5  lbs 13 oz

An early Christmas present

Meet Elliot Michael
Proud Mom
The family
Grandma and the family
Grandma and Elliot
Grandma and Elliot
Mom with Anderson

Mom with Anderson, Grandma with Elliot

Grandpa John looking at Elliot

Anderson meeting her new brother

Sharing her bear

He's kind of cute

Do we get to keep him?

Is this my Christmas present?

Grandpa John holding Elliot

Does he look like Grandpa?

Introducing Elliot Michael

Sharing the news

Mom and kids

Aunt Meredith has arrived!

Checking out Elliot

The 3 generations

The 3 generations

Grandma with Anderson

Aunt Meredith with Elliot

Getting checked out
Anderson getting a treat
Christmas Elf
He is looking great
He is just perfect

 19.5 inches long

Scrunched up face and look at all that hair!


My first bath

Spreading the news

Cool Hat!

First bath

Resting. This was a rough morning

Anderson checking out her new brother

Kissing her baby brother

He is cute

My Christmas gift?

Hello World

All cleaned up and ready to eat my first meal

Grandpa Steve

Big Sister Anderson and Elliot

Later in the day

Happy family

Sister and brother

I am not sure about this thing
You mean he goes home with us?
Elliot Michael
Lots of hair
Mom changing my diaper

Mom and big sister

Anderson Rose

Mom still loves me

Grandpa John checking Elliot out

Jennifer came to visit

Our little man

First car seat ride

Arriving home

Finally home on Christmas Day

We're here!

Hello Everybody!

Everyone says I look like Grandpa

In my car seat

Papa finally gets to hold me

Lucy checking me out

Grandma holding Anderson 
who is holding Elliot

Checking the little brother out

Wow, look how small he is.

Mimi and Papa

All comfortable in Dad's lap

Daddy and me

Where's my thumb!

Enjoying some time awake

Back asleep

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