January through April 2013

Brooks found a black kitty in his yard

Playing in my sandbox

Mom teaching me to help with housework

I got into some stickers at Grandma's house

Having breakfast with Peepaw

Playing with the train set at Aunt Vanessa's

Just got a new haircut

I am looking sharp

Giving Wolfie a swing

Having fun at IKEA

Found a few things to play with

Dad, Brooks, and cousin Elliot

On the playset

Anderson and Brooks in the playhouse

Celebrating Grandma's 55th birthday

Some slithery friends

School picture

The whole family celebrating Brooks' birthday at the Zoo

Digging for dinosaur bones at the Zoo

Aunt Vanessa and Elliot

Brooks and Anderson having a snack

Happy 3rd Birthday to Brooks!!

Blowing out the candles


Brooks trying to figure out who this kid is

My pretty Mom

The family on Brooks' birthday

Grandpa and Namma got me a bike

Trying to show Grandma how to kick a soccer ball.

Daisy thought he wanted to play ball with her

T- ball player

Great concentration


Mowing the lawn


Just a swinging

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