September 2013

Playing with sharks

Dad and Elliot

At Sunset Beach

Looks like Anderson is missing some teeth

Big smile

Ferry boat ride

Wrong end Elliot!

I "heart" you

At the beach

Anderson at Sunset Beach

Anderson's surprise!! Taylor Swift tickets with friends

At the concert

Ice Cream a the concert

Anderson's 6th birthday

Loving on Daisy

It takes 2 hands now

Anderson and Grandma

3 generations of the girls

Grandma and Elliot

Elliot took our picture

Dad assisting with a present

A white tiger!!!

Elliot is still taking pictures

Elliot got Lana

Mimi checking out the art supplies

A cross from Mimi

6th Birthday Cake

Boots from Grandpa John

Show and tell with "Pickle" the white tiger

An Elliot in the box?

Art class with Mom

Ready for school

Miss Julie and Elliot

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