October 2013

Elliot and Grandma

Elliot listening to Grandma's call monitoring

Anderson lost a tooth at school

#3 is missing

Swimming at the neighbor's pool

Elliot's soccer game

Cousin Jack and Elliot

Mom reading a story in our playroom tent

Elliot's soccer team

At Starbucks with Mom

School field trip

Anderson got to ride a horse

Poor Anderson's not breathing too good

Ouch, the flu shot hurt

Here comes Elliot!

Anderson trying on her Halloween costume

Grandma painted her some whiskers

Storm Trooper Elliot

Last soccer game awards day

Elliot was proud of his trophy. He scored his first goal too!


The ghouls....I mean girls

The Fawn Lily Halloween kids

Jack's 4th Birthday party
Elliot, Jack, Anderson, and Brooks  

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