June 2013

Anderson playing in the waves at Sunset Beach


Waiting for the next wave

Elliot and Peepaw having their morning drink

Relaxing on the porch

Anderson and Daisy

A little playtime

"Do I look like I want my picture made?"

Waiting for the sun to set

Elliot gathering rocks

Throwing rocks in the ocean

Anderson, Grandma, and Daisy

Grandma with her babies!

Smiling for the camera

Peepaw is a bad influence

Anderson and Grandma in the hammock

Floppy hats for all

Grandma and Elliot

Elliot and Anderson at her graduation from Transitional K

At the ceremony

Better use for a diploma?

Enjoying life

The perils of wearing a dress and doing flips

Elliot with cousin Brooks on the trampoline

Sliding at the park

Climbing high

Anderson on the web climb

On the side

Who's the sleepiest?

On our way for a week in Charlotte!

Anderson's first loose tooth

Some fun at Monkey Joes's

Anderson having fun

Sliding together

Elliot climbing up the ladder to the slide

Elliot, Brooks, and Anderson

On the merry go round

Here comes Anderson!

Elliot fixin' the car at Kid's Discovery

Might be the engine

Anderson and Elliot trying to catch a frog

Morning time at Grandma and Peepaw's

A little swimming fun

Peepaw made a tent!

Playing in the tent

Have you ever been this close to a Rhino?

Anderson looking out the window at the Lazy 5

Elliot was so brave. He feed the animals

Up close to the giraffes

Zebras right outside the car!

A dinner at Mimi's house

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