July & August 2013

Lunch at the Olive Garden

Getting her nails done

Big Day!! 1st day of Kindergarten

Elliot, Mom, and Anderson just before going to school

Who's happiest?

Ready to go

Elliot getting a trim

First school now a tooth missing!!!

The Tooth Fairy left a special pink glittered $10 bill

Anderson's school project

Anderson showing Brooks the way to the car from school

Elliot, Anderson, and Brooks

Leaving Jones Dairy Elementary

Pedicure chair just for Anderson

Mom and Anderson getting their toes done

We added a few extra candles to Aunt Meredith's birthday cake

Mom and Anderson

Anderson getting ready for her "Boosterthon"

She got pledges for each lap completed

Anderson and friends

A check mark for each lap completed. She completed 44!

Showing off her braids the teacher put in her hair.

Elliot in a TV coma

The skinned up kid - scooter accident

Elliot and Anderson watching a dinosaur series on Grandma's Surface

Now that's a big pancake!

He tried to eat it all but Grandma had to help

Silly face

Mom holding down the alligator

Crazy kids on the way to swim class

Anderson and Julie

Tooth #2 made it's exit

Julie and Elliot showing off their pretty teeth

Elliot and his soccer gear

Elliot and his friend Holden at their soccer game

New pads for the kids from Peepaw and Grandma

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