January through April 2013


Throwing snowballs

Take that Mom!

Sledding on the ice

I dressed up for Grandma

Celebrating Grandma's birthday

Ready to go

Just me

Upside down

Ready to flip again

Anderson and Brooks

Just hanging around

Mr. Fix-it

Supporting Mom in her Mud Run

Mom and the Mud Run neighbors

Mom and Dad

The whole group

Something for my upset stomach

Popcorn and a movie to make me feel better

Getting his appetite back

Digging for dinosaur bones at the zoo


Riding the tram at the zoo

Zoo tour guide

Peepaw, Elliot, Grandma, and Anderson at the zoo

Elliot in a helicopter at the zoo with Mom

Brooks and Anderson have a snack

Happy 3rd birthday cousin Brooks!!

We had some good cupcakes

Meet my big friend

Fun family day at the zoo

Passed out

The zoo was fun and tiring

Playing golf

The naked cowboy - edited!!!

At the MS walk supporting Grandma

Baking cookies with Cousin Jack

Anderson showing her skills

At the gym

Elliot receiving his gymnastics award

Blind basket battle

Good stuff

Anderson showing Grandma that she ate 3 breadsticks!

Little daredevils

My drink is the Capri Sun.....

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