December 2013

Santa came to Fawn Lily

Taking all the request

Preparing Santa's cookies

Putting out the reindeer food

Grandma reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Christmas morning...before kids!!

Santa ate his cookies!

Waiting patiently for the big people to get up!!

Anderson and Elliot

Brooks, Anderson, and Elliot

And the fun begins!!!!

Elliot's light sabers

Mimi making pancakes

Anderson and her new doll

Playing Battleship

The guys working on Legos

A duel with Peepaw

Darth Brooks verses Darth Elliot

Elliot got Star Wars DVDs for his birthday

Lot's of Legos

Elliot got to open some presents on his real birthday

Elliot's 5th Birthday

Face painting

Time for presents!

Silly adults

Aunt Beth, Uncle Jim, Dad, Mom, Aunt Meredith, and Uncle Brady

The family

Miss Julie and Mom

"I am your Father...."

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