Brooks Summer 2012

Feeding giraffe at the zoo

Up close and personal

All tired at the zoo

Snack time

My evil look

Grabbing the menu

Entertainment at breakfast

Where's the food?

Dancing a jig at Discovery Place

Swinging with Anderson

Mom giving me a boost

Push higher!

My first Japanese restaurant experience

Swinging at Aunt Vanessa's

Fun in the pool

Beach trip

Cheesing it up with Dad

Playing in the sand

I can do it myself

Edisto Beach

Brady and Meredith

Dad and Brooks

Me and my Mom

Don't let the lobster get me!


Hanging out on the dock

Having fun

Walking with the family

At the beach house

Let's go Mom

Walking with Mom to the beach

Daddy's turn to hold my hand

Grandpa John and Brooks

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