Brooks Oct-Dec 2012

He loves being naked

In Aunt Vanessa's tub

Halloween face paint

Neighborhood Halloween

I am stuck!!

Trick or treat!

He was shy until he found out candy was involved

Mom and Dad with Brooks

Watching a movie


Driving to Tennessee

Mom with cousin Anderson. Grandpa in the background.

Brooks' Thanksgiving ER visit

Posing for Christmas pictures

Hanging an ornament

In our backyard

Just had to have wolfie and dogga in the picture



Tarheel fan

I love my play set

Swinging away

Happy Birthday to Peepaw!!

At Peepaw's birthday dinner

Elliot's birthday party

Christmas at Aunt Vanessa  and Uncle Michael's

Playing Hungry Hungry Hippo with Grandpa

Playing at Kid's Discovery Place

Watching the puppet show with Mom

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