October - December 2012

Ready for cheerleading

Up on top!

Anderson getting her hair cut short for the first time

A bunch off the back

Finishing up

Anderson loves her haircut

Feels good

Buzz Lightyear AKA Elliot

Anderson and Mom

All painted up and ready for Halloween

Anderson the Unicorn

Elliot and Dad

Anderson at the new playground

Elliot and Anderson watching Grandpa cook

See, we can get along for a minute

Anderson Rose

Anderson and Elliot


Anderson and Elliot by Dream Weaver

Hard hat zone

Red tongue

Blue tongue

Just playing

BFF Lana and Anderson

Anderson trying on her brother's underwear

Little monkey jumping on the bed.....

She fell off and cracked her head (nose that is)

All stitched up and ready to go

The day after

Clyde decided to come back

Clyde up to his old tricks

New princess dress

Nose looking better every day

Elliot licking the phone

Stitches out


Good year for Santa - no crying

All 3 grandkids in the tub

Anderson and Lana

Elliot making pancakes

Elliot's party table

A real fire truck pulled up!

Mom having fun with the neighbors

Inside the fire truck

Elliot and Mom in the driver's seat

Dad and Elliot

Lana and Victoria trying the hose

Time for cupcakes

Brooks enjoying his cupcake

Brooks and Jack

Santa came!!!!

Rose and Clyde watching over the presents

Jack loved Hungry Hungry Hippo

Playing the new games

Santa brought Elliot a tool bench

Grandpa and Brooks playing

Elliot out shopping

Fire Chief outfit

Now, that's not nice. Caught me on the potty.

Dad and Mom dressed up for New Year's Eve party

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