July 2012

Playing in the pool at Miss Krystal's

Enjoying the 4th of July

Anderson swimming with Daddy

Worn out

Being silly with her veggies

Look Mom, green teeth

Aunt Meredith giving Elliot a push

Anderson helping cousin Brooks

Big girl bike

Brooks enjoying the pool

Miss Krystal  sure has a great pool

Bath time

Anderson and Elliot taking swimming lessons

At  Discovery Place Kids

Nascar in her future?

Elliot behind the wheel

Relaxing on the speed boat

Anderson pretending to fish

Brooks was having fun dancing

Grandma and Anderson

Goofing off


Playing with the cat

At Grandma and Peepaw's

At the Columbia Zoo feeding the giraffe

Anderson and Elliot giving some lettuce to the giraffe

Brooks feeding the giraffe

Aunt Meredith and Brooks up close

Break time

Grandma with her tired and hot grandkids

Sharing with Grandma

Elliot the tour guide

Elliot's friend?

Checking out the Icee

Playing the pool

Fun time with Grandma and Peepaw

Playing with sparklers on the 4th

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