August & September 2012

Little Trim getting a trim

Butt prints by the pool

Princess in the rain

Tool girl Trim

New princess dress

It's Buzz Elliot

Life at the beach

Elliot enjoying the Sunset Beach view

Mom is relaxing too

Elliot napping with a lemon......?

Helping with shopping

Ice Cream

This is some yummy stuff

Mom and Anderson

Funny faces at the beach

Sunset at Sunset

Let's go!

Hello Mr. Turtle

Up close and personal with an alligator

Miss Prissy

The alligator got my foot!

Now the head

Playing with Dad

Dad teaching Anderson to surf the waves

Hear I go on my own....

Riding the wave......


I am ok

Back on the board

That was funny

Throw it

I hit it!!

Bedtime story

Elliot showing his tan line

Anderson's 5th Birthday Party!
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