Brooks March 2011

Playing with his Elmo chair

Having some fun outside

Sun is just a little too bright

Filling Grandma's shoe with rocks

Who needs toys when you have sticks, rocks, and leaves!!

Riding the zebra

Grandma is keeping me all!!

Off to the front door

I see myself

Checking out the ceiling fan

Showing off my walking skills (with help)

Made it to the kitchen all by myself

Good thing locks are on the drawers....

Who me? I did not do it

Posing for Grandma

Grandma could not decide which one she likes best
so she put them all on here

Riding my zebra again

Giddy up

Ride 'um cowboy!!

Riding in my new car

I am glad my friend outgrew his car

Let's go Mom

Beep, beep

Park it over there

My poor Daddy had an operation on his Achilles tendon...ouch

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