Brooks February 2011

Playing with my blocks

I followed Grandma to the kitchen

Brooks playing with Daisy

Having a snack with Daisy on guard for a cleanup

It was fun playing with Grandma all day.

Who needs Daycare when you have Grandma!

Showing off his new skill

I finally got those socks off my feet

Having fun at Discovery Place

Mom and Dad helping me build with blocks

Looking at the aquariums

Wow, that's a big one

I want to jump in and play

Getting to touch a starfish. Mom was scared of the spider crab.

Feels funny

Looking at the Rainforest display

Kid's play ground at Discovery Place

Found me some cars!!

Brooks made a new friend

At the playhouse

Getting to splash in the water

With Grandma at Discovery Place

Serious face

Smiley face

Looking out the window

Just playing

Mom and Brooks

I found some tea to chew on

Daddy caught me in the act

Upside down baby

Sushi anyone?

Do I have to put clothes on to play golf?

What has Mom got hidden in her bag......

Enjoying a warm day

Dad, you left some leaves from Fall

Sweet cheeks


My pal Scout

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