Brooks April 2011

Getting ready for a trip to Grandma and Peepaw's house

Fell asleep on the way

Found some cool toys

Hanging out in the living room

What ya doing Peepaw?

Having a banana for snack time

Daisy found a new "untrained" friend.

Trying out cousin Anderson's seat

I feel like a big boy

Sliding off to get some toys

Found one!

Hi Grandma

It's fun at Grandma's house. It's the first time I get to stay all day and night

What to do next?

Grandma pushed a button and this toy talked

Do it again

Too cute

Lunch time

Daisy on food patrol

I like this sandwich

Here Daisy, have some

Turn off that light!!

Getting ready for a new day.

Daisy is my new best friend

Found my toys again

Thinking about doing some digging

Found the bonging bonging thing on the door

This might just fit in my mouth

Peepaw and I are building a castle

Wonder how fast I can tear it down?

Start from the bottom and down it will go

Oops, I went down too

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Spring break at Sunset Beach

Cousin Elliot

Poor Daddy and his cast

Keeping Daddy company

Mom and me on the beach

Lunch time

Having fun with Mom

Taking a walk on the beach

Dad and Mom

I am getting you!

Hanging out in the shade

Mom!! this is cold

Maybe it's not too bad

Let me check it out

Changed my mind

Now I am happy

The ocean is cool!

Let's go surfing!

Thank you Anderson and Elliot for
invited me to the beach!

At the beach house

Ready to dig in the sand

Something is behind the couch

Daddy is getting me

Hanging out with Dad and Elliot

The boys

Playing with Anderson's stuff

Anderson hiding her toy

You are too funny!!

She gave it back

Heading back home from the beach

Eating a whole apple


Who says Mom has to cut up all my food

My Dad is my pal

Hiding behind the couch

Just playing in my diaper

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