Brooks' 1st Birthday

Playing with Peepaw before the party

Brooks, Peepaw, Elliot, Aunt Brenda, and Anderson

Where's the cake?

Elliot playing with a jet plane

What are all these people doing here?

Cousin Elliot

Aunt Brenda and Anderson


That tickles!!

Elliot really likes my Hess truck and jet

Chilling with Peepaw

The cake

Eating Taco's for my party

Mom helping me out with lunch

Bring on the cake

Time to party now

Who took my milk?

Don't do that to me

Ssshhh, it's a surprise

Birthday balloons

What are all these people getting ready to do?

Singing Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Are y'all done yet

Thanks everybody!!

Ready to try the cake now

Mom with cousin Elliot

I would rather drink my milk than blow out the candles

Cousin Anderson to the rescue

Hey, those look like fun toys

I get the first piece

What is this stuff?

It's kind of fun to stick my finger in

What do I do with it?

That is good stuff

Mouth full of cake and ice cream

Now I am just making a mess

2 forks do a better job

Elliot enjoying some cake and ice cream

Grandma get that camera out of my face

Anderson and Natalija enjoying the cake

Good stuff

More please

Ok, I am done

Time for the presents

Getting help from friends

Wow, a bubble mower

Cool balls to play with

GG got me lots of cool stuff

Elliot checking out the new toys

My pretty Aunt Vanessa

Grandma and Mom helping me out


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