May 2011

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Anderson got a gymnastics medal

Collecting rocks at Grandma's

Playing on the swing set

Waiting in the car for Peepaw

Grandma's making me smile

Silly Grandma

Heading to Mimi's house

Elliot hanging out with Grandma and Brooks

Grandma's favorite little boys

Mimi and Grandma

Mom helping Anderson with a somersault

I did it!

Landing was a little off

Mimi showing me how to do it


Jack and Anderson playing in Mimi's backyard

Kicking Mimi's fresh pine straw

Mimi watching us all play

Mimi you are so silly trying a flip

Anderson says this is the correct way

Over I go!

Aunt Meredith, Mom, and Aunt Beth

New patio furniture

I needed a helmet

Anderson's first dentist visit

Open wide

See, there is nothing to it

Cooling off in the backyard

Woody is yelling "HELP"

Kicked back in by boots

This is um um good

Now that is relaxing

Enjoying a snack

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