January 2011

Being a happy boy

Bath time


Missed a spot Mom

Fun in the tub

Here comes trouble

Watch me!

Another CHEESE!

Where does this piece go?

Anderson rocking on her guitar

Elliot with his shopping cart

Out of the way guys!

Still rocking away

A race around the house

Ready for a round of golf?

Dad helping Elliot with his swing

It's easier to push the ball instead of kicking

Messy mouth

Snack time


What's to drink?

Anderson took a picture of her own foot

This is some good stuff

Get that camera out of my face

Making cookies

Sweet smile


Hostile takeover of Mom and Dad's bed

Enjoying some hot chocolate

Future engineer...notice the calculator

My orange juice is too bright

Playing with Peepaw

Peepaw caught me!!

At Mimi's house

Anderson joining the attack on Peepaw

Upside down in Peepaw's lap

Posing for Peepaw

Lunch with Aunt Beth and Jack at Mimi's house

A table just our size

Lucy making a sneak attach under Elliot



On Mimi's steps

Cousin Jack started walking

Come on Peepaw

More playing or as Elliot says "again!"

Another picture from lunch

Playing in the bunk beds

Mimi just made up the bed but she won't mind

Hiding under the covers

This bed is really fun

Elliot sliding off the end

Where are you going brother?

Time to get up again

I fit in the toy box

Playing Jack in the Box

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