December 2011

Anderson getting her nails done

Sweet princess

First Christmas in the new house

Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk

Anderson went for the biggest present

Just what she wanted

All the Disney princess dolls

A princess crown

Elliot got his garbage truck

A princess dress and book

Elliot checking his stocking stuffers

Playing with his garbage truck

New Hot Wheel track and his new truck.

Princess Anderson

Watching the train

Opening presents is so much fun

One happy little boy

Chilling with Peepaw

Cousin Jack and Anderson at the Christmas dinner

Anderson, Aunt Meredith, and Jack

Elliot playing with Jack's new toys

Mimi got Anderson a giraffe forChristmas

Anderson took a pretty picture of Mom

Aunt Meredith being silly with Grandma

Elliot in timeout

Uncle Brady

2 giraffes

Family picture along with cousin Jack

Mimi with the family

The whole Trimberger family

Grandpa with cousin Brooks

Grandpa with an arm full!

Grandpa with all the "kids"

Opening presents from Aunt Beth and Uncle Jim

Anderson checking out Jack's toys

Trying to put a dinosaur together

Mimi and Daddy reading Jack's new book

Elliot blowing out his birthday candles

Good icing!

Pretty cake

Having some birthday cake and watching Shrek on TV

Deep thought

Birthday present time!

Lots of cool presents

Lincoln logs from Mom and Dad

Mom helping out

Showing Elliot how to build

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