April 2011 and Sunset Beach Trip

Big shoes to fill


Elliot showing off his lizard shirt

Backpacks from Mimi

Anderson at the beach house

Elliot getting ready for some beach time

Nice chair

Ready to play some ball

Heavy load

Daddy, you pull. We will push

Cousin Brooks at the beach

Fun with the dump truck

Look out, here I come

Poor Uncle Brady protecting his cast

Searching for treasures

Anderson showing off her Dora swimsuit

Miss Prissy of Sunset Beach

Michael with the kids

We found a real starfish


Anderson practicing in the tide pool

Uncle Brady and Brooks taking it easy

Mom and Anderson

Aunt Meredith, Brooks, and Anderson taking a break

Snack time

Just a digging

I found some cool shells

Resting in the beach house

Anderson and Uncle Brady

I have the keys so let's go!


Nice hat!

Entertaining Uncle Brady

Aunt Meredith and Brooks

Enjoying some ice cream


Brooks says the sun is too bright

Enjoying dinner

Uncle Brady and Aunt Meredith

Mimi and Dad with Anderson and Elliot

I like trucks too

This fits better than the bucket

Playing with Mimi

Brooks tickling his Mom

Testing the water

Having a great time

Anderson trying to bury her Dad in the sand

Mom and Elliot in the sand

Mimi painting Anderson's nails

The Easter Bunny came to the beach

Cool glasses

Hanging out with Mimi

Filling it up with sand

Great action shot!

Back at ya Sister

Sharing the chair

Checking out the boats

It was a great vacation week

Good to the last drop

Back at home.

Washing the porch

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