September 2010

At Sunset Beach for Labor Day weekend

Testing out the water

Mimi and Elliot

Water's great come on in!

Having a pink cupcake

Elliot's was blue....kind of made a mess

Busy artist

Snack time

Walking Lucy with Uncle Jim

Dad and Elliot

Watching the sun set

The family on Sunset Beach

I want some pretzels

Racing Daddy on the beach

Anderson resting in her chair

Elliot working the umbrella

Together in the shade

Let's go surfing dude!

Superhero day at daycare

That is so funny

Napkin please

Grandma and Anderson

For more Birthday party pictures click here

Another birthday present

My cool Dora the Explorer backpack with wheels

Elliot likes it too

Grandpa reading Dora to me

Grandpa John with Anderson and Elliot

Grandpa and Anderson

Wow, look up there

At the Museum of Life and Science

A little help from Grandpa

Riding the train

Elliot hanging with Grandpa

Self portrait on Anderson's REAL birthday

Look how tall that dinosaur is

Cool stuff

I like crawly things

Closer view

Looks like a pig

Working at the car wash....

Just the right size to clean the bottom

Helping Daddy wash the truck

Scrub here good

Elliot ready to clean the bumper

I just decided to dunk my head instead

Anderson checking out her brother

Water fight starts!

You're next Mom

I know my cloth is in here somewhere

Found it!

Okay, I may need some dry clothes

Pajama time

Catch me if you can

Anderson got a new leotard for her birthday

At gym class

Following instructions

Bend here!

One way to get the last bite of yogart

Anderson is a little neater

I did it all by myself

Come on down, sister

Crawling through the tunnel

Anderson at the park

Swing and slide!

Wrong way, Elliot!

Fun day

Here I come..look out below!

It's nice and shady in here

Helping Dad push the mower

Just wait until you are 12 and the job will be yours

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