March 2010

Playing on the Sit N Spin

Here we go...

Ooops, spun too fast

Silly me

I think I am dizzy

Elliot looking as serious as he can with Elmo around his neck

PeePaw with Anderson and Elliot. Daisy trying join in

We are pals

Anderson took a picture of Grandma and Elliot

Watching the movie Cars again

Elliot likes Cars too

PeePaw and Elliot hanging out

I am having so much fun with PeePaw and Grandma
Anderson winking

Anderson singing Happy Birthday to Grandma!

Elliot giving Anderson a ride

Mastering the spoon

Yummy bagel

Posing for the camera

Contemplating what to do outside

Enjoying a pretty day

Anderson Rose

Elliot showing off his spiky hairstyle

Walking can be difficult when the bottom changes

I just sit here and play

It's nice to play outside

Enjoying the sun

OK Mom, join us on the blanket

Anderson had to go the ER.
Still had to have her hair bow.

Mom took such good care of me.
I am feeling much better now.

I feel a draft in this gown

Being nice to my nurse.
She took my temperature and blood pressure

I got a purple popsicle for being good
and letting the nurse put sticky things on my chest
to check my heart

Can I get this beeping thing off my toe?

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