June 2010

The joy of finding a bug

Be careful

I was trying to hide

I am getting this fork thing much better
Sesame Street Live Show - Click picture for more!

Bath time!

Elliot wants to go up the stairs

Grandma told me to quit sucking my thumb

This is what I did

Elliot still trying the gate

Helping Grandma update the web

I am a big help

This is fun with a snack too

Grandma stealing kisses

Trying to get Daisy to chase me

Daisy is winning

Elliot mad because Daisy won.....

Grandma making me smile again

Tickle contest

Grandma trying to block me

I made it through the door

Hugs for Grandma

Happy boy

Anderson and Elliot dumped water on Grandma

Now a big water fight

Anderson trying to escape

Grandma caught her!!

Now it it Elliot's turn

Off he goes

Grandma caught him too

Gee Grandma you are all wet!!!

Mom, you are next

Elliot running 

Grandma after me again

Anderson showing her bottom

Grandma and Anderson 

Playing in the water some more 
Grandma and Elliot
All wet...but it was so much fun

Playing outside with Aunt Meredith and Brooks

Elliot found an interesting toy

Sweet kiss to her cousin

Where is my big pool?

Brooks taking a dip with Anderson

Elliot, Anderson, Brooks, and Aunt Meredith

Splashing around

Anderson finally talked Elliot into the pool

"Sit down brother"

Elliot would rather stand

Playing together

It's a good way to cool off after a hot day

The three grandkids

"The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout..."

Elliot doing the spider crawling

Anderson singing really loud!!!

Enjoying a popsicle after surgery. I had a rough day.

Anderson at the playground with Daisy

Climbing up the stairs

Anderson giving Daisy some of Grandma's water

Climbing up here all by myself

Tough job but worth the effort

Crawling through the tunnel

Out to the slide

Anderson climbing with a little help from Aunt Meredith

Swinging on the bars to the slide

Brooks just enjoying his nap outside

Anderson in the tunnel

Look out! I am coming through

Anderson peeking out the hole

Watch your head Elliot!

Having fun in the tunnel together

Anderson showing off her new "Tattoon"

Don't mess with me

1 berry, 2 berries, 3 berries, 4 berries!

Have some Cheerios

Blue lipstick?

Pajama party

Silly sister

We have been playing hard

Building a tall castle

Serene pose

This blue stuff looks good

Cooling off on a hot summer day

Going for the spray nozzle

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