July 2010

Elliot at the neighborhood park

Grandma and Anderson

Enjoying a snack

Racing on the slides

Found my way out of the tunnel

Elliot was mad because the numbers kept moving......
Anderson was spinning them

Tug of war with Daisy

Daisy wins the first round

Elliot tries again

This round goes to Elliot!

Grandma caught a June bug

Who wants to touch it?

Come back little bug

Don't let this sweet face fool ya.

Brave Elliot

I cannot believe Grandma touched a bug

Anderson running with the swarming June bugs

Playing cars

Enjoying a treat

Pretending to be asleep

Worn out after a picnic

Elliot taking after his Mom - cleaning up

We had to do surgery on Anderson's bear.
His stuffing was coming out of his neck

Getting to be such a big boy

Elliot, Daisy, and Anderson

Sibling love

Pool fun

Picnic after swimming

Anderson showing off her wounded finger.....Elliot bit her

Elliot trying to make up to Anderson

Exercising to her cartoon

I can do a flip

And over I go!

My gift from New York City

My new friend

Elliot got a remote control Lightning McQueen

Relaxing with Dad. We were glad to see him and Mom.

Helping make breakfast

Washing the berries

This is how "I" ride the tricycle

Look what I built

Chilling in the pool

Having fun on the slide

We had a fun play date with our friends

First day of "school"

Dressed up for school

Fun at the playground

Snack time

Cool stick

Elliot with his freeze pop

I figured out how to get it all out

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