January 2010

Elliot posing for Grandma

I like the new bows Mom bought me

Playing dress up

I think Elliot looks cute in pink

The little princess

Get this stuff off of me!!

I know one of these days you will bring out this picture.....

It's bright outside

Playing with my doll buggy

Up the stairs

Follow me little brother...

Made it to the top

Getting ready for a bath

I need more toys please

Elliot waiting for his turn

Chewing on the bath frog

Playing at Aunt Meredith's house

Future drummer

Ouch!! (like in the movie E. T.)


I think Uncle Brady likes Ya Gabba Gabba too.

Playing with Daddy on the stairs

Elliot trying to get past the high tech barrier.

I love my Daddy

Come on up everybody

 Do you think this will really stop me??

Showing off the walking skills

First big snow of 2010

It's cold but fun

I like this stuff

Walking with Mom

Little snow angel

Trying to build a snowman.

Packing up some snow

So much fun for Anderson

Not so much fun for Elliot

I found you

Open the door please

After a good bath

Let's have some ice cream

Hey, I can't reach it


I like ice cream


Muno and Anderson

He's one of my favorite toys

I love Foofa too

Helping Elliot with his chair

I think I found a good place for it

This is better


Now this is the best seat in the house

Anderson coloring

Elliot all dressed up

I have my toys all packed

Now this is a piano!!

Pretty pose

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