February 2010

I am ready for the Superbowl to start

Anderson is watching football too

Still drinking juice for now.....

We get to stay up late with the grownups

MOM....where's the dustbuster?

Future Carolina Panther


I like having my own chair

What'd I do?

Now this is an apple!

Am I supposed to do something with this?

I took a big bite


Man on the go!!

It's too big to hold

I am still working on this thing

Anderson went for the strawberry and chocolate instead

This is more my size

I have seen Dad do this a million times!!

I said change to cartoons!!!

Puppet show

Fun time

Mom got me a Toodee for my collection

Foofa loves me too

Thanks Mom!!!!

Anderson all dressed up

Grandma bought me a new toy

Anderson and her own "Daisy"

I had to wear Aunt Meredith's shirt

Not much room in Aunt Meredith's lap these days!

You take our picture and I'll take yours

I threw up today. It was not very fun

Grandma gave me crackers and a drink in bed

Watching Cars video in bed

All my friends and me in bed. I am feeling better now

Future computer expert

Reading his book (upside down)

Anderson giving Elliot a ride

Climbing all by myselt

Playing at the park

Anderson following Elliot up the stairs

Banging on the drums

Anderson watching Uncle Brady's basketball game

Go Eagles

Eating "red chips"

At the circus

Me and Dad at the circus

Sharing popcorn and lemonade with Grandma at
Uncle Brady's game. They lost : (

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