April 2010

Anderson at Aunt Meredith's house

Elliot and Mom

Need to fix my ponytail

Checking out the grass

Found the cats

Elliot trying to pet the kitty

Running away

Anderson with Luke

Nice kitty

Anderson and Uncle Brady

Giving Aunt Meredith a hug

Anderson and Elliot meeting Brooks

Anderson with Grandma and Brooks

Thinking about something

Mom tickling Elliot

Elliot, Anderson, Grandma, and Brooks

Anderson kissing cousin Brooks

Sweet little baby

Elliot watching PeePaw with the guitar

Anderson put Nemo in timeout

He is behaving now so he can get up

Elliot building a stack of blocks

Reading Fancy Nancy to Elliot

Fancy Nancy and the posh puppy

Grandma took me to see the mini horses

They are so cute and they like me!!

Walking along the fence to see another one

Picking flowers to feed them

Trying my potty at Aunt Meredith's

Movie night at Grandma and PeePaw's

Elliot found a dog toy

"Who says I can't climb the stairs?"

Eliot checking out Brooks

Playing the "helicopters" falling from the trees

We found some cool sticks

Taking a walk in Aunt Meredith's neighborhood

"I got the big stick"

Grandma and PeePaw got us a great bubble machine

Trying to catch the bubbles!

Grandma joined in on the fun

Elliot found a caterpillar.

Grandma taking to Elliot

Got ya!!

Anderson found some berries to pick

Mom got us our very own bubble machine for home

Monkey Man

"If you ever tell anyone my favorite toy was a
pink doll stroller I will deny it."

Playtime in our backyard

Let me out of this thing!

Just reading while Mom changes my diaper...it's a man thing

Do you like my purse?

Bath time

Sleepy head

Sound asleep

Anderson, Jack, and Elliot at the beach house

Strolling to the beach

Let's play some football

Sitting in the shade

On the beach

Playing on the deck

Pretty smile

Sister you are so funny

Cheesy face

1 - 2 - 3 JUMP

Hanging out with Mimi at the beach

Let's build something

Looking for Easter eggs

Found one!

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