Brooks October 2010

Dad says Penn State has a game today

Check out my cool Air Jordan shoes

Showing Grandma my new sitting up skills

Just chewing on my toys

What's up?

I have 2 teeth now!

Yucky peas. Grandma says I am just like my Mom

Yummy carrots

I can do it myself

Brooks, Mom, and Dad at lunch

Go Penn State!

Dad got to watch football. I had to go shopping :-(

I like this seat with all the cool toys

Cousin Anderson trying to make me smile

At Aunt Vanessa's house for the weekend

Trying out the riding toy

Sweet smile

Push me Mom!!

Standing up and holding on

Mom's steady hand

I found another cool toy

I have one of these at school

Aunt Vanessa playing with me

Having a fun time

Peepaw making me laugh

Hanging out with Grandma

Mommy makes me smile

Elliot with the same shirt on!

Brooks and Anderson

Mom and me at Aunt Vanessa's

I just think everything is funny

Pictures taken 10/09/2010

Grandma and Peepaw with the grandkids

Grandma and Brooks at Jack's party

I like these balloons.

I got one!

Bath time

Mom cleaning these sweet cheeks

Meredith, Brady, and Brooks 10/30/2010

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