Brooks June 2010

I was taking such good pictures
Grandma had to post them all.

Brooks and Daisy
Enjoying the outside with Mom and Anderson
The sun is in my eyes

I am getting hot

Mom stripped me down

Anderson giving her cousin a kiss

My first time in a swimming pool

The water is cold but I like it

Anderson, Mom, Elliot, and Brooks
Thanks for cooling me off Mom

Well fed belly

 Posing in Elliot's chair

Big smile

Cousin Anderson wanted to hold me

The three grandkids

Napping while Anderson and Elliot play

Hanging out in the shade

Tough guy

Like father, like son


Big smile

Brooks and Mom

I look all cute in my puppy dog shirt

Big smile for Mom

Dad and his kissy face

He makes me smile

I am so darn cute

Serious face

Daddy dressed me this morning

His favorite basketball player

At Grandma and Peepaw's house

Jordan down to by booties

Playing with Daddy

Don't shake too hard, my belly is full

Relaxing with Peepaw

Comfy seat

Peepaw's relaxing me

Sound asleep on Peepaw's shoulder

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