Brooks - July 2010

Brooks and Aunt Brenda

Daisy watching over Brooks

"Get this camera out of my face"

Almost can reach the toy

Sitting like a big boy

Found the toy

Just hanging out

"I do not like belly time"

At Aunt Vanessa's house

Brooks and cousin Elliot

Daddy and cousin Anderson

Ready for the beach

Brooks posing for Mom after a bath at the beach

Daddy and Brooks

Just playing with my Dad

Pink cheeks from the beach

Brooks and GG

Uncle Dustyn

Brooks and Mom at the beach

First step in the ocean

"I do not like this at all"

Mom and Brooks on the beach

GG and Brooks at the beach

All tired

Brooks, Brady, and Meredith

Chilling at the beach

Dad and Mom

Uncle Dustyn with Brooks

Sleepy time

Aunt Christyn and Brooks

Dad and Brooks

Uncle Dustyn and Dad

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