Brooks' Newborn Pictures

Meredith and Brady getting ready

Still waiting around

Dr Brady

7 pounds 13 ounces

Our first look

Checking out Dad

Grandma holding me for the first time

Meeting Grandpa John

I think my Dad loves me

Sweet toes

My first shot

Mom finally gets to see me

Mom had a rough day but we are all together now

Proud Aunt Vanessa

Unhappy Brooks

Mom the next morning

Grandpa John and Brooks

First diaper change by Dad

I love my Mom

Grandma Garman "GG"

Bonding with Dad

Sleepy time

Hi Grandma

Grandma and me by the window

Asleep on PeePaw's shoulder

My hospital portraits

Welcome home Brooks!

Just arrived home

Mom rode with me in the back seat



Napping on Mom and Dad's bed


Mom stealing kisses

Asleep in Mom's arms

Dressed up in my Redskins apparel

Even my socks


Getting ready for a ride to the doctor's office

Belly time on the floor

Hanging out in the backyard

The family

Mom and Brooks

Anderson and Elliot meet Brooks

Grandma with Anderson and Brooks

Grandma with all 3 Grandbabies

Anderson holding Brooks

Giving Brooks a kiss

I will be a great cousin for Brooks

At my first doctor's visit

Meeting Jack

My first official bath

Mommy is very careful

Cleaning my head

Worn out from my bath

Elliot checking out the new baby

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