September 2009

Click here for Beach trip pictures

Singing at Sunset Beach - click picture

Click here for Anderson's birthday party pictures

"Jimmy Chew" is Elliot's new nickname

Are you ready for some football!

Future linebacker

Watching the game on TV

ManPaw that tickles!!

ManPaw letting me chew on his carrot

Playing with Uncle Brady

Stop tickling me!!

Who put the party hat on my bear?

It's my birthday

Happy Birthday to me

Okay, it's time to get me out of here

Anderson and her blanket

It's my birthday I can do what I want!

Let's see.....what can I ask for?

Elliot stuck under the refrigerator door
Talking on the phone

Anderson found Daddy's shoes

Do they look good with this dress?

The ocean was not so scary this time

With Mimi and Aunt Beth at Sunset Beach

Playing on my new computer

Elliot is always getting stuck

Breakfast time

Under the coffee table....again

Anderson playing with her new legos

Fun stiff

Elliot decided it was time for teeth

Cinderella in the kitchen

Bath time!!

2 teeth on top and 1 on the bottom

At Anna's birthday party

Taking a ride

Trying to blow it out

"Jimmy Chew" at it again

Daddy and Elliot at the party

Grandma teaching me how this thing works

Anderson found the stickers

Anderson took Grandma's picture

Trying to pull up

Here are the teeth again
Riding home from the party and rocking to
the music on the radio
Find some good music please
Dancing to "Thriller"
I tried to feed myself
I am pulling up on things now
Artist at work
Under a chair....again!

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