October 2009

Giving brother a push in her car

Beep, beep

Reading a story

Goodnight Moon....

Here Mom, it's your turn to read

Elliot getting around in the kitchen

I am cute and know it!

Say cheese!!!!

See I swallowed it all

Anderson feeding Elliot

Eating big boy food

Taste better than baby food

So this is what these teeth things are for!!

Playing some music

Having fun in our playroom

Dress up play clothes

Roll over Beethoven

Party time at Mimi's house

On Mimi's front porch with a serious look

Daddy's 35th birthday party

Grandma and Elliot having fun

That's funny

I can stand up all by myself now

The Top Chef - making tacos

Hey Mom, can I get up there too?

Nothing left to bake

Best toy on earth

Elliot's first haircut

A little more off the sides

I even had a clipper trim.

Aunt Beth and Uncle Jim with our new cousin, Jack

Grandpa with Elliot

Hanging out with Aunt Meredith

Elliot on Halloween

PeePaw cutting the pumpkin

I picked out the design

Elliot and Anderson checking out the finished job

Grandma and Elliot taking a break on Halloween night

Mom and Elliot trick or treating

Anderson's costume.  Mom worked really hard on this

I would not wear my costume on Halloween night........
but Mom carried it with us just in case


Anderson last year and Elliot this year.

Anderson last year and Elliot this year
They look so much alike!!

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