November 2009

Elliot showing off his big smile

Learning to walk like my big sister

The artist at work

Mom just thinks she can get a picture of us together


Having a giggle

Anderson sliding away

Getting ready to eat

I want the camera!

Feed me now please!

Elliot is wondering how Anderson got in the basket

What's cooking in the oven?

Catch the ball

I like playing football


Elliot wants to get in on the game

I got the ball now what do I do?

Anderson decides the ball need a ride

What a handsome little boy

Future doctors

Playing doctor and that's the life

I think I will just "chew" on my career choice right now

Anderson taking down her brother

This boy will chew on anything

I am just too cute

What a smile

Elliot's place

You are so funny

Bath time!!

Mom, I want to splash Anderson really bad.

Anderson finally can reach the pedals

Look out world!!

I think I will star on the Food Network

Now this looks like a serious baker

Elliot looking for Anderson
behind the shower curtain.

I think he found her......

Mom took me and Elliot for a special photo shoot.
We had a lot of fun.

Anderson, Grandma, and Elliot on Thanksgiving Day

Grandpa John and Elliot

That tickles!!

Aunt Meredith and Anderson

Mimi reading me a story

Our new cousin, Jack

Mom and Dad with Elliot.

Mimi playing with Elliot

Singing a song

Look at Aunt Meredith's belly!!

Uncle Jim and Aunt Beth with little Jack

What a hair do

Slobber boy

Mimi, Jack, Papa, Anderson, and Elliot

Papa and Elliot having some fun

Helping PeePaw decorate the tree

Let's see where the next one can go...

This is so much fun

PeePaw, Daisy, and Anderson watching Yo Gabba Gabba

Boxes make the best toys

Elliot found the toy stash

Let's see what I can find

Wow, all the good stuff was in that drawer

I am about ready to walk

This pancake never had a chance

Anderson got some mail

Cool stuff for me!!

Mom says washing dishes is fun...I am not so sure

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