May 2009

My first weekend at Grandma's

Just a swinging

Visiting my Mimi

Grandpa Steve built me and
 Anderson a swing set!

Hanging out

Playing with my new toy

Me and Grandpa Steve just chilling

Up close and personal

Enjoying Mexican food

I took my first trip to Tennessee.
Click the picture to see my adventure.

Too cute

Check out my new shoes

Museum trip.
 Click picture for more of the fun
 day with my friends Claire and Madelyn,
and of course Mom and Elliot

Elliot and Anderson looking serious

Being silly for the camera

Hi Mom

Crazy girl

Playing at the mall

Needed Mom's assistance

Swinging at the park

Swinging with Grandma

At the slide

Elliot swinging

Swing higher Grandma!!

Having fun at the park
click picture for a video

Enjoying some ice cream

Elliot having a tea party with Mom

Telephone for you!

Anderson's new Elmo chair

Sing with me little brother

Elliot with a big smile

Using her brother as a chair

Future hair stylist?

Getting ready for a walk

Sunglasses on and ready to go

Hi, Mom!

Sunny Day stroll

Anderson at her Sesame Street show

I love Elmo!

Clapping at the show

Gotta have a snack

Big Bird and Elmo!!

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