March 2009

I love my brother

In our snowflake pj's
 getting ready for the big snow

At Grandma's house

Me and Grandpa Steve
playing "jump"

Some serious dancing
on Grandma's birthday

Big sister is so funny

Playing with Grandpa Steve

Aunt Meredith trying to change my diaper

Playing chase with Daisy

Elliot out of harm's way (Anderson)

Grandma and Elliot

Anderson helping Grandma blow out the candles

Go Heels!

Helping Uncle Brady play Blackjack

This chex mix stuff is good

Elliot and Anderson

Anderson said "Brother" for the first time

Sour lemon....

Dipping her chips at Grandma's birthday dinner

I am not up to anything.....

Isn't my brother cute...all that hair

Let me take that out of your mouth

Combing Elliot's hair

Just chilling in the bouncy seat

I have my Mom's purse addiction
...look out Dad

Elliot is getting so big

Uh-oh Spaghetti O's

I am want my pacifier back now!

Enjoying some popcorn

A little help trying to sit up

Muscle man taking a bath

Anderson's first tricycle

Beep Beep!!

More than one way to get on

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Happy face

Mom trying some fun shots

Blue eyes for sure

I am reading Mom the recipe

Snap, crackle, pop

Can I eat the extras?

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