June 2009

Reading a book with Katie

Bubble bath with Elmo

Look what a mess I made

Anderson did it....not me

I climbed on Mom and Dad's bed
all by myself........

Packing for Grandma and Pepa's (Anderson's new
name for Grandpa Steve)

This is a lot of fun stuff

Anderson reminding Elliot this used to be hers

I'm a little angel....

Chilling on the floor

Watching Mickey Mouse Club

Life is hard

Watching TV at Grandma's

Rain, Rain, go away

Looking for my friends on Facebook

Filling up the bird feeder

Playing on my very own slide

Hi there

Trying out some carrots

The spoon taste pretty good...
not so sure about the carrots.

Grandma and Elliot

Playing with Grandma

Sitting up with a little help

Grandma and her babies

Anderson dancing with Elliot

Playing together

I missed you this weekend Big Sister

Anderson at her play date

Big Slide!

Close up at the playground


Another fun day at the playground

Aunt Beth and Anderson

What a big frog!


My "too too twain"

Yummy marshmallows

Elliot with his "plug"

Bad hair day?

My crib

Climbing into Elliot's crib

Hey Sis, how did you get in here?

Mom and son

I am just too cute

Cooling off

Elliot wishes he could get in

Cool Dude

Splashing around

Mom and me in the BIG pool

This is just too much for me

Having fun in Miss Julie's pool

1-2-3 JUMP!!!

Miss Julie and Anderson

I am swimming all by myself

Washing corn for dinner

ManPaw came for a visit
(new name for Grandpa John)

Manpaw is funny

I have a new pool

Filling up the pool

More water please

Almost done

Splashing around.

I found a frog in my pool!!

Thanks for the new pool Grandpa John

I just want to chew on the pool toys

Preparing my snack

They look better in the blue cup

Just hanging out

That was funny

I think this might be a little big for my cup....

We found out today that I am allergic
to peanut butter. Thankfully I am okay

Elliot and Mom trying out the pool

The water is a little cold

I am liking this

Just wait until I can get to Anderson

Swimming is fun

Play time with Mom

A face only a Mom could kiss on.

Dad "watching" Elliot

Uncle Brady playing with Elliot

You are so funny Uncle Brady

Aunt Meredith getting some Elliot loving

The whole family

Big Splash

Mom helping me swim

I can do it myself

Swimming laps with Mom

Gee, I don't know where the pacifier is....

Anderson reading to Elliot

Big bite

Being silly with Manpaw

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