July 2009

Elliot and Anderson in their playroom

Playing the piano

Anderson and Peepaw playing

So many colors to look at!!

Anderson and Grandma in the pool
(Click on the picture for a video)

Anderson getting Grandma with the hose

Grandma getting Anderson with hose

Down the swimsuit!!

Elliot chilling in the shade

Getting out the vacuum

Anderson helping Grandma pack in the playroom

Playing with my blocks.

Elliot is about to start crawling. Look out Sis!!

Sesame Street is serious business

Anderson found the toilet paper roll

My new hiding place

Elliot playing on the floor

Girls with tools; RULE

Play time

Anderson with Minnie

Doing Elliot crunches

Just put the lid on and leave me here

Anderson wants to bounce too

Aunt "Mere'a'miff"

Aunt Meredith with Anderson and Elliot

Bubble bath time


"You are so funny"

"Let me help you off the couch..."

Time out for trying to "help" Elliot
off the couch

Elliot playing with the big boys!

Who is that cute boy?

Anderson and Mom

Elliot in the Peas and Carrots

Aunt Meredith helping me slide

Anderson in the Peas and Carrots

Figuring out ropes and gears at the Kid's museum

Turning gears

Mom and Elliot taking a break

The marble shoot


Elliot  playing with the tambourine

Banging the drums

Anderson in the mirror

Cool dots

I am watching my friend Cooper get dots too

Kissing a pig

Mom, I want a boat for real!!

This museum stuff is fun

Grandma letting me play around

We could be a band!

Peepaw and Mama are silly

Put the key in here

Driving an ambulance

Future doctor.....

or Top Chef

Helping Mom make waffles

Yummy waffles and fruit

Anderson with her new tutu

Tired after some hard playing

Mom with Elliot and Anderson

Elliot and Vanessa

Vanessa and Aunt Meredith

Aunt Meredith is getting me a cousin next year!!

Playing with Anna's boa

Cool dress up shoes

Upside down Anderson

Elliot sharing with Anderson

Packed up and ready to go

I think I might be stuck.....

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