January 2009

Dad with Elliot and Anderson

Reading a story

I love my brother
Giving Lucy a treat
Aunt Beth and Uncle Jim
New Year's Eve
Miss Julie with Elliot
Drinking Champagne (actually it's apple cider)
Bath time
All done
Where'd the water go?
Anderson combing Elliot's hair.
Belly time for Elliot on the couch
Aunt Meredith with Elliot
Hold me tight Aunt Meredith.
Playing on Claire's new swing set with Mom

Playing at Claire's house

I think I might try the slide...
 but Mom, you go first!

Peek a boo

Cool kitchen play set

Teaching Aunt Meredith the right way to color

Artist at work

Elliot just watching

Grandpa Steve playing cars with Anderson


M- I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E!!

Elliot and his pacifier

I can eat breakfast all by myself

You dropped your pacifier

Eating chili...yummy

Julie and her Mom with Elliot

Trying to kiss Dad through the stairs

Lunch date with Claire

Reading time

Elliot's new belly

Anderson got a rocking chair
 for her room. It's soft and fuzzy!

Rocking her baby in the new chair

Elliot's first big boy bath

Big sister watching the process

I don't like this much

Much better now

It's okay brother, we will get you dressed

Are you ready for some football?

Move over Jake......
I can actually hold on to the ball.

I got a kitchen play set from Grandpa Steve

My new playroom has a table and
chairs - just my size!!

Coloring at my new table.
(click picture for video)

Swimming lessons at the YMCA

Daddy helps me swim

Our new playroom is looking good

I guess Mom wants me to put away
my toys when I am finished

Enjoying a cookie


Helping Dad play some golf

Trying to hold Elliot

We had a fun play date. This is Anna,
Elliot, Logan, Crawford, and Anderson

We had lots to play with

Anna holding Elliot

Helping Mom make cookies

I like licking the spoon

How much flour did you say?

Need some more salt

Scraping it all in

Just right

Our Little Man

Anderson said Mom used to
 do this to her too

Trying out a new hairstyle

Do you like my ponytail?
Watching football with Dad
Enjoying homemade pizza that I helped make

Hanging out with Grandma 1/19/09

I am trying to hold him

Grandpa Steve and Elliot

Sniffing my food before I cook it

I told Daddy lunch was almost done

I heard something cold and
fluffy was outside so I am ready


It's SNOW!!

This is fun

Want to build a snowman?

Mom says you can't hide cute

Elliot at 4 weeks

Where's my thumb?

Playing in my chair

Elliot getting ready for a stroll

Mimi and Anderson

Papa pushing the stroller

It's cold but fun!

Elliot taking it easy in Anderson's chair

Mimi helping me with PJ's

Elliot and Anderson's new
 double stroller

Daddy dried my hair

Elvis impersonator???

I am getting so big

Mom's nursing pillow

What is going on?

I see you Anderson

Bath time is fun
Elliot's baptism day
(click picture for more)
Anderson all dressed up

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