February 2009

Eating Waffles

Mimi and Daddy

Grandpa Steve playing

We are having a great time!

Mimi and Elliot

I found the remote

What a fine boy

Grandma with Elliot

We are ready for football

 Super Bowl Sunday portrait

I think he needs this

Aunt Meredith

Eating a yummy popsicle

Playing with my friend Cooper

Elliot on the play mat

I like all these colors

Eating applesauce all by myself

This is my mouth

Anderson and Claire just gazing out the window

Finger licking good

I think I missed my mouth

Elliot getting ready for his bath

I see a really cute baby in the mirror

Oh, that was me!!

Caroline and Elliot on a date

Claire and Anderson having a tea party

Time to vacuum

Caroline, Elliot, and Anderson

Who says this is for babies?

Racing up the stairs

Let's ride the zebra

Here, take this blanket

Enjoying the park

This is fun!


Elliot at the park

I want to play too.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I like the sprinkles

The cupcake is good too

Anderson is so funny

I will be able to play with Anderson soon

Big sis and Elliot

I am just too cute

What a handsome boy!

I am soooo sleepy

My first (and Mom says last) tattoo

Let me help you bounce little brother...

Ring around the rosie......

We all fall down!!!!

I made him smile

Say cheese!!

The cutest kids on earth
(according to Grandma)

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