December 2009

Pretty Smile

Helping little brother take a ride on Elmo

Riding Elmo through the house

All dressed for a cool Fall day


Anderson being daring on the slide

Little slide

BIG slide

Elliot has learned to open drawers and.....

empty them out

Mom and Dad all dressed up

Snack time

Posing with Yo Gabba Gabba

My tree looks so plain

Elliot on the move

Riding on my lion

Elliot and Anderson taking down Mom

Cindy Lou Who?

Elliot's new haircut

Snack time in my chair

Elliot having his snack too

I got mail.....

What is this?

Wow, Grandma sent me stickers!

Watching TV

My new big girl bed

Want to kiss this face?

Good cookie

Elliot trying a cookie too

Riding a giant turtle....just like in Finding Nemo!!

Baking with Grandpa

Rolling out the dough

I had to taste test....

Taste good to me

Here, Grandpa

Relaxing with Grandpa

What a handsome boy

Anderson with her new best toys ever!!!

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Elliot at Grandma and PeePaw's house

Playing catch with Daisy

Taking a stroll with some help

Playing at the park

Who needs help walking!

Having fun in the cold

Look out I am coming through

Here I am

Heading back to the house

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