August 2009

Watching "Finding Nemo"

Let's wrestle

Using little brother for a pillow

Trying puffs

I can sit up all by myself now

Grandma and Peepaw got Anderson a fun little pool

Peepaw is so silly

Sliding into the water!!

Refreshing when it is almost 100 outside

Getting sprinkled feels good

Helping Mom in the kitchen

This is my favorite part of cooking

Elliot watching Anderson in the kitchen

Playing with his toys

Peek a boo

Aunt Meredith and Elliot

You are funny!

Can you tell we are related??

I can sit up so good now!

Helping Mom with the plants

It is my job to water the ferns

I am very mobile now

Waking up in my crib

Anderson showing Elliot how to take a bubble bath


Here brother, have some bubbles

If I tried I could get up those stairs
since you left the gate open

Cold Stone!!!

Yummy ice cream

I got an early birthday present

Let me open it all by myself

This is my chair now

I like Elmo

Working in the yard

I am a good helper

I think I got myself stuck under the chair

Look at me sitting up all by myself


Sister, you are funny!!
Click here for a video of Anderson making Elliot laugh

We like to wrestle. (This is Anderson's devilish look.)

I want to get that camera

Why did you move?

Just playing

The pink chair is my birthday present

I am going to get you

Anderson trying to take Elliot down

Hey Sis, you know I am as big as you are

This is fun.

Playing together

Swimming with Mason

Great day for swimming

Tired after swimming

Talking with Grandma on the phone

Singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to Grandma
Click here to see a video of the same song

Playing before bedtime

Elliot about to win the match

We like to play together

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