April 2009

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What's up dude?

Going for a stroll with Mom

What a nice day

Queen of the world!!!

What is this thing?

Leave me alone and let me eat

What a handsome boy

Elliot with his friend Max

Look what the Easter Bunny gave me

I got some cool glasses too

With my train

I am getting big enough to sit here now

Sitting up squeezes my belly

Brother and Sister

Smile little brother

Helping plant flowers

Gardening is hard work but fun!

I wanted to plant flowers too but
Mom would not let me

Stir 30 times

then lick

Elliot tasting cereal for the first time

Yuck, Anderson gets chocolate
.... and I get this stuff

Happy boy!

Having fun on Anna's slide

Mickey Mouse pancakes!

I love Elmo

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